Sunday, June 28, 2009

153 W. 234th Pl. Carson, CA 90745

This is in Granada, Spain at the Alhambra (old fortress city) looking out over the city! I LOVED Granada, it was so lovely, everything about it!!!

I am living with my sister and brother-in-law right now and it is such a big blessing to me. I get to come home to 2 of my most favorite people and my favorite dog in the world. I will up-load some pictures of my trip to Europe. Everyone told me before I left that I would never be the same and quite honestly I was annoyed at the sentiment. I wondered, "what if I am not changed, then what? what if I come back from Europe and it is a terrible time? what if God tells me I have to move and change everything I am doing and start a new plan?" I have this problem with being afraid far too much in life and God gently reminds me (and sometimes with a swift kick) that I am ok, that He is far more in control than I give Him credit for oh yeah and that He wants the absolute best for me. That being said, as I have been home, I do feel changed. I feel like God has taken down some of my walls and said, "those were not bad walls, but now I want to show you some new stuff and you don't have to worry Katie. I am your God and I say we have some fun together today." Thank you for my trip to far away places and thank you for home (and all the things, people and places that come with that).  

2 other things...I am training for a half-marathon, and next a tri-athalon (ocean water swimming, CAPITAL SCARY LETTERS) and I cannot wait to have a dog someday. Soon I hope:) but not too soon. xoxo