Thursday, December 31, 2009

The past couple of months I have spent time quality time with family and it has been AWESOME. Did I mention I love my family! I took a survey and I got the results back I expected....I am a family girl to my core and I relish that time with my family. When I go too long without it something does not feel complete in me. I am beyond thankful and blessed.
With older sis Amy a couple of days before she had my newest niece Audrey Isabella Owens! She was literally about to pop.
I flew home to Seattle and surprised my mom (dad was in on it with me) and stayed for a long weekend. We decorated the christmas tree together too, our very first fake tree mind you. So, as a result it required that we buy a pine scented candle to fill in the real tree gaps the fake one was missing.
Other Sis Lizzy's baby shower (1st of 3, little Ashby Noel is spoiled and loved already). It was a fun mommy shower with all the SoCal friends and family.
Liz and I at the OSU vs. USC football game. We were literally in the nose bleed section but we had field passes prior to the does that add up? We had fun and kept warm by eating all the vegan things we could find...corn on the cob, bean and cheese nachos (we eat cheese now, love it too much) and sweet potatoes. We pulled major fat status, literally we were eating the whole game:)
Andrew, Uncle Steve and Liz on the field before the game watching the players warm-up and hanging out with Dave (and Traveler).