Friday, September 5, 2008


Yes, I just wrote the text/AIM lingo as the title for this post....I guess it is sort of apart of my generation though I feel like I am a little old to be using this lingo. WHATEVER! OMG Lizzy's little puppy Kuma is so stinkin' cute. I cuddled with him last night and smooshed his little polar bear face to my face and he just looked at me like "I know you think this is fun so I will pretend with you that I like it." He is a little/big dog. His paws are gigantic, he has a muscular back and he runs around, tries to shake or move suddenly and flops to the ground. He do not quite have all the motor skills yet. LOVE LOVE LOVE him. This morning when I got up and was making my couch bed, I threw a sheet on top of him, with that he ran in circles and flopped to the ground in dismay so I scooped him up and carried him around like a little stork package. I think he loves his auntie:)

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