Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So, I did some thinking today...I know, I know, surprise surprise right? I was at work, organizing some of my to do's (my favorite thing to do, mindless work) and I got to thinking about all the little hobbies that I want to be pursuing that I have currently pushed to the back burner. One thing I have learned recently when it comes to those things that mean a lot to you, but you just do not do for one reason or another, is just go for it. Who cares if your plan fails miserably or if the result is far different than you envisioned, at least you are taking steps closer towards the end point. And the truth about end points is there generally is not an end point, just another bend in the road that could not be seen from the previous vantage point.

So, as this time of year generally brings forth New Year's resolutions and fresh beginings, I too am begining a little something new myself. I plan on doing a lot more of those little things that I think about doing or say to myself "one day I will..."! I will is not going to be in my vocabulary anymore. So, I am making a list of things I want to start playing more with in my free time and see which one I really love and make them more apart of my daily life:

1) Cooking
2) Running-new routes and challenges and locations (travel to different places for races)
3) Photography
4) Travel
5) Basketball
6) Ragner Relay BEING AMAZING
7) Doing my hair and make-up more:)
8) Hike/surf/something in the great outdoors 1 x a month
9) Reading 1 new book a month
10) knitting/painting....

Those are the top ten that came off my fingertips, this is more a way for me to process my thoughts, so hope you enjoyed reading whoever you are!


lizzyashby davidaaron said...

can you add babysitting to that? I think that is the only thing mising from that equation....

K.J.H. said...

yes, yes and yes!

Cassandra said...

Ahh! Katie you have totally inspired me to make a similar list because there are totally more things in my life I keep shoving to the back burner and they get lost in the shuffle.

LOVED this blog post.
LOVE you!