Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two Little Birdies

I had a moment today. My older sister Amy had the sweetest little baby named Audrey almost 2 months ago and she is such a doll. I cannot wait to meet her. I have another little niece on the way, Ashby noel and I am so excited to meet her too. I tear up a bit as I think about how much I love my nieces and how eager I am to spend time with them. I genuinely love them already and I know the minute that little squeaker decides she has had enough of mama's tummy I will be overjoyed to hold her and kiss her little nose. I love new life in the midst of lots of unknowns, an unstable economy, a horrific disaster in Haiti and the world in all different gloomy and hopeless situations. God gives us this beautiful little life, these pure eyes that gaze into yours, untouched by the ravaged world, their little hands grip to your fingers and something simply amazing happens to your heart. Unexplainable. I love you.

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