Monday, February 1, 2010

Sugar is the Devil Up-date

Well, sugar is still the devil, though I would say she is more my evil step mother (look at me giving sugar a female label), I do not like her or how she treats me, but she is still apart of my life in some way or another. I have really enjoyed my short stint of sugar-free living and I must say I do not crave sugar as I did at the beginning of my fast. However, I still love sweet little treasures every now and again. I think when you fast from something it helps you step back and realize how much you consumed/partook in it without event thinking. Fasting helps to clear the pallet so the re-entry of said fasted item is not such a hot commodity. So, sugar (processed and refined) I say to you, I love-hate you very much, and with that I will be the judge of how often you grace my presence.

*Try greek yogurt with fresh raspberries drizzled on top with a touch of honey for a delectable, sweet, late night snack! Yummy. Compliments of Lizzy Canales (and Ashby).


Cassandra Lotus said...

Oh Katherine, I was just wondering to myself (as I shovel a large bowl of chocolate soy ice cream with graham crackers and granola and a dollup of peanut butter into my mouth) (...dont judge me!) how your sugar prohibition is going. I love hearing that you redefined the word sugar and the taste of sugar in your life--of course you couldn't cut it out forever, but you have a new outlook on it.

You have, as ever, inspired me to so something cool like cut something out of my diet--but I'm not sure what it's going to be yet. I COULD do sugar (but honestly since I haven't been in the backroom at lulu lately I haven't really been tempted by super sugary sweets) (disregard tonight's soy cream binge). I could do something horrifying like cheese or peanut butter, but I love them so much. OH! I've got it...bread! I LOVE bread, but I eat too much of it. BETTER YET: CRACKERS--pretzels especially. I ate arguably an entire bag to myself last weekend. That's it. No more pretzels/crackers.
I'll let you know how this goes.
Love you!

terra said...

ok Katie how did you give up sugar? I am so addicted to it. I have a hard time fasting because i am breastfeeding. What did you do fast? I need to give it up so bad. I have started to just snack on fruit and veggies but I think I need to drink decaf green tea to help too. Let me know. email me at