Thursday, January 14, 2010

Early Mornings and Wrap Around Porches

My friend Cassie reminded me the other day of how much I love porches with a view. I have always wanted to design my own house (dream house) and have my house be a place where friends and family gather. Well, here are my pre-requsites: tall ceilings, loft, wrap around porch with big cozy chairs, indoor and outdoor fireplaces and good lighting! I love the IDEA of waking up early, grabbing my favorite book and warmest blanket, crawling under the blanket on my porch, sipping my tea or hot chocolate more likely (because I am not a coffee drinker) and soaking up the morning lost in a book. Here is the problem, I am in no way, shape or form a morning person. Ask my sister, literally I say things I don't even remember in the name of getting 20 more minutes of sleep while I am dead asleep. But, I have a mother and sister who wake up at ass crack of the morning and have already solved world peace by 7am. So maybe there is hope for me, someday. So, in the meantime maybe I will have dreams of my morning porch dates with the sunrise. OH, and I might need to find a house with a porch first too. As for the sugar fast, had a cara cara orange for dessert tonight post run and it was delish.


Tori said...
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Tori said...

I love your dream house! The picture looks like your wrap around porch has an ocean view! How about grabbing that blanket, your tea and catch the Sunset!

Cassandra Lotus said...

Oh Katie, your components of a dream house sound like mine too! I have to be on a beach somewhere though, too, because like you I also "come to the sea to breathe". =]
I miss our little chats about nothing in the back room or over fits table.
Love ya sweets!